This page contains our Trust Scheme of Delegation, which describes who we are, and the arrangements we have put in place at Lister Community School, Rokeby School and Sarah Bonnell School in order to make make decisions, both as individual schools and collaboratively as the Newham Community Schools Trust.  The Instrument of Government for the NCST Federation, which describes the Federation’s authority, is also included, as are a number of key Trust policies.  

Sections A-D below provide both a copy of our Articles, and information about who we are.  Sections 01 – 12 below provide details of the governance arrangements we have in place across our Trust.  Sections I – IV provide copies of key Trust policies associated with governance.

Chair of Lister Community School Governing Body (contactable via the school):

Mr Abdul Rahim

Chair of Sarah Bonnell School Governing Body (contactable via the school):

Mr Paul Leslie

Chair of Rokeby Governing Body (contactable via the school):

Mr John Ainsworth OBE