A world-class education for young people in Newham

Newham Community Schools Trust (NCST), which consists of Sarah Bonnell School, and the NCST Federation, which includes Lister Community School and Rokeby School, work in partnership. We share a common vision of providing a great standard of education for all our students.

Our Schools

Our schools are thriving, with very positive outcomes, which will make us one of the highest performing groups of schools in the country. Our success so far has been built on staff and students working together and learning together, and we look forward to being able to achieve even more together.

Lister Community School

Lister Community School is a specialist school in Music and Science in Plaistow

Sarah Bonnell School

Sarah Bonnell School is one of the oldest girls’ schools in England,

Rokeby School

Rokeby School is a specialist mathematics and languages school in London.

The partnership between NCST and the NCST Federation (Lister and Rokeby) has been established in light of a number of principles, reflecting a steadfast commitment to:

  • maintain each of the schools’ comprehensive values, inclusive practices and non-selective admissions policies;
  • ensuring that the governance arrangements of both bodies will continue to reflect the schools’ close links with the local community; and
  • recognise and value the contribution of staff to the success of the schools.

Newham Community Schools Trust is a company registered in England and Wales, with company number 09896221.  It is an exempt charity (ie is not required to register with the Charity Commission).  The registered address is Sarah Bonnell School, Deanery Road, London, E15 4LP.

The NCST Federation is governed through its Instrument of Government, made by order of the London Borough of Newham on 01 February 2019.

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